You’ll find the best assortment of swimsuits in stores in March and April, so this is a good time to have a look at what’s on offer online if you want to refresh your swimwear capsule:

Fab Links from Our Members

L’Abeille found Genevieve Valentine’s rundown of Oscar outfits very interesting: “She pays attention to ‘the statecraft of appearances,’ so she analyzes the outfits in terms of what they are probably trying to say, and whether it was effective.”

Angie and the Seattle Times had a delightful conversation about laundry, stain removal, clothing maintenance, and how to pass on wardrobe items in an ethical manner.

Runcarla reports that Virgin Atlantic has decided to drop mandatory make-up for its female flight attendants.

Nemosmom found the art of sashiko-inspired visible mending to be fascinating and beautiful. 

A tabloid called Gigi and Bella Hadids’ books ‘hot accessories’. Fashintern says: “Yet another way of asking if women can be good-looking and smart at the same time. I have no opinion on the sisters, but have gone on record against color-arrangement of books in home decor.”