Angie’s post last month on editing and updating our wardrobe basics, reminded me that I need some new Winter PJs so I’ve been having fun browsing sleepwear online.

Fab Links from Our Members

April disagrees with some of the ‘rules’ here (e.g. no minis for her) but enjoyed the spirit of this post on how to wear sneakers when you’re over 50 or older.

Runcarla has been researching upcycling old jewellery and came across this post on why not to re-use your old gold.

She also thought this post about having custom jewellery work made might be of interest.

Christina F. liked this article about people who wear cusp sizes, especially since she falls into this ‘in between’ zone.

We’ve been talking about ethical fashion on the forum, and Angie thought this article on ethical consumerism was excellent.