With the polar vortex hitting the US East Coast and temps just below zero (Celsius) here in Belgium, I’ve rounded up some links that will help with cold-weather dressing.

Fab Links from Our Members

With the recent forum discussion about abuse in factories, nemosmom thought this article about sustainability and Fair Trade efforts by Madewell and the J.Crew Group was interesting.. 

Angie stumbled across some style advice from Oscar Wilde.

Kate Spade’s niece, Rachel Brosnahan, is modelling the new Frances Valentine Spring collection. Jane thought it feels so poignant that her niece is connected with the brand.

The Streetwear Generation Turns to Tennis: “Yoga, basketball, now tennis. More sports/fashion crossover,” says Runcarla.

T’exstyle wanted to share this video of an inspiring 83-year old woman who happens to look fantastic in addition to having a great voice. 

After today’s blog post, Runcarla refers us to this article about Princess Eugenie who wanted her wedding dress to show her back surgery scar. She adds: “This hits close to home for me. DS#2 was born with an underdeveloped and blind eye and a strawberry birthmark on the right side of his face. To me, he was a most beautiful round and sturdy golden morsel. Unfortunately the world did not see him the same way, and we were the recipients of many hurtful comments. At 8 months, he was fit with his first prosthetic eye by a very kind and gifted occularist who DS still sees 25 years later. The strawberry mark faded with time. Like Princess Eugenie says: ‘I think you can change the way beauty is.'”