Last October, The Flex, a strapless bra from Harper Wilde, had racked up a 6,000 person wait list.

The Guardian reports that “the new lingerie is all about comfort and body confidence.”

“It may not seem like it, but there has never been a better time– not in the whole, entire history of bras — to find a bra in your size, in your style and to fit your budget,” says Fashionista.

New lingerie brand CUUP is revolutionizing bra sizing.

Lingerie brand Lively is combining lingerie and leisure, and has penned the term ‘leisurée’.

Popsugar recommends the Pepper the All You Small Cup Bra for small busts.

The Pool has tips on where to find underwear that feels good on your body and makes you feel good in turn.

They also have recommendations for bralettes and non-traditional bras which offer decent support and comfort.

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