According to The Guardian there are four main camps when it comes to boots this Autumn: knee-high, ’80s ankle, western, and hiking.

Refinery29 rounds up 15 pairs of hiking boots that can be worn off the mountain.

There’s also no shortage of other lace-up boots on the market this season.

There are plenty of fun rain boot options out there too.

If black booties are your thing, then have a peek at these.

Or if you’re eager to try the on-trend white boot, browse these 30 options.

Fab Links from Our Members

Wearing multiple necklaces is one way to wear a maximal look. Joy saw lots of good ideas in this blog post.

Everything eventually comes back and Vildy liked this article on how to wear a skirt suit. She adds: “Jess Cartner-Morley best says what I always struggle to explain about ironic outfits or items, i.e. ‘if the joke revolves around finding people who aren’t as cool as you are intrinsically hilarious, doesn’t that make you a bit of a twat?'”

Lucy loves ‘how it’s made’ videos, and found this one featuring Dr. Martens being hand-made in their only factory in the UK fun viewing.

MsMaven graduated from law school in 1977, just as John T. Molloy’s The Woman’s Dress for Success Book came out. Here’s an article about whether Molloy’s advice is still good. She adds: “when I went to be sworn in at the federal district court, I swear the majority of women there were wearing a navy blazer and gray flannel skirt, and hair cut in a chin-length bob. It was weird. Well, I had the same outfit and haircut.”

Fashintern found this article about why 3 brides didn’t wear make-up on their wedding day interesting. Where is the line between personal choice and societal pressure, in make-up or fashion, she wonders.

Beth Ann loves this video of the dancers from Ballet Nacional de España doing a show for Spanish fashion designer Oteyza. “It’s delicious to see how the clothing moves, and the dancers create a sense of esprit de corps, drawing the eye and the audience in, rather than executing the rapid fire now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t of traditional runway shows.”