If you’re still catching up with what celebrities wore to this year’s Met Gala, have a look at W Magazine’s photo gallery.

The New York Times deconstructs the “fashion event of the year,” including how much it costs, and what you have to wear.

Ever wondered what it’s like for photographers who cover the Met Gala red carpet? Find out in this article from last year.

Fab Links from Our Members

Kari enjoyed reading that “data geekery plus customer satisfaction were used to innovate the personal style and shopping experience at Stitch Fix.”

Carla thought this story about a young designer who created a dress for this week’s Met Gala, was inspiring.

Jessikams found Alison’s post on how to wear black in Summer just plain useful, especially since she’s seeing a lot of black in the stores right now.

Kat appreciates the perspective on cultural appropriation displayed in this article, and wonders how others may view it.

Jenni NZ reports there’s a fashion controversy going on in New Zealand at the moment after an outspoken critic of off-shore manufacturing was found to be doing exactly that with her own brand (and mislabeling the products).

Ledonna N. loves Target’s matching family outfits.

This article about the travails of finding shoes when you have large feet hits close to home for L’Abeille.

She also found this piece on why heritage logos are back after having never left a worthwhile read.

Greenjeans thought this article about H&M and retail localization asks interesting questions about brick-and-mortar retail. Alternately, H&M’s sister company, COS, is apparently thriving.

Brooklyn really enjoyed this video on how to layer necklaces and pearls (including some tips for wearing brooches).