Spring has finally arrived here, but we still get plenty of chilly days that require some kind of topper. If you are looking for a new Spring topper, then you might find some inspiration here:

Fab Links from Our Members

efbgen wanted to share this NY Times article featuring a gentleman who knits sweaters with familiar landscapes and then poses in front of them.

As several forum members are doing a closet edit, The Cat thought this blog post might be of interest.

Blogger Christina Brown participated in Dove’s self-esteem project to help her daughter develop the confidence she needs to blossom in life. Ledonna N. thought it was a great read.

She also enjoyed this interview with Jenny LeFlore of Mama Fresh, “a community of Fresh Mamas who pick up their little ones and explore the city” (Chicago).

Vildy recommends watching PAQ, a popular YouTube series about street fashion and sneaker culture: “I started exploring their series of short video challenges and was completely charmed. If they’re not having fun with fashion, I don’t know who is. I liked that within the strict rules about what is cool now — judges are often within the same esthetic and might even be wearing the same exact sneaker model — each stays true to his own style image.”