Refinery29 reports that watercolour tattoos, “that make even the most vibrant hues look refined and soft,” are the latest body art trend. The colours really are incredible!

Female-run tattoo parlours have become more common in recent years, and are trying “to make the tattooing experience a kinder one not only for clients, but also for women trying to make headway in a business that has often been marked by macho behavior and sexist treatment.”

Here, 19 people share the story behind their first tattoo.

Fab Links from Our Members

Hubert de Givenchy passed away this week, and Jenni NZ wanted to share this article about the iconic French designer and his muse, Audrey Hepburn.

High heels are the worst, and women are finally ditching them.” Greenjeans found this article refreshing, and hopes it’s a thing and not just a trend.

Greenjeans also wanted to share the trailer for Fresh Dressed, a 2015 documentary about hip hop fashion. Lots about music, fashion as self-expression, men’s fashion, street style, and what it takes to bring a new brand to retail. 

Rachylou enjoyed this interview with Kate and Andy Spade, the founders of the Kate Spade brand.

What self-care really means isn’t about fashion per se, but La Belle Demimondaine thinks “it’s significant at a time when a lot of us are talking through all of our ‘life stuff,’, trying to sort out the chaff, before being able to settle upon specific style choices and wardrobe building.”