With the help of a team of female engineers, Bree McKeen, the founder of Evelyn & Bobbie, has created a wireless, seamless and strapless bra that offers sturdy support.

ThirdLove, a four-year old bra company founded by ex-Googler Heidi Zak, has spent a year designing a bra you can sleep in.

Women with a larger bust might nod in agreement with Dallas Thompson’s ode to the house bra.

Fab Links from Our Members

Joy thought that “Why Don’t Pants Go Down All The Way To The Floor Anymore” was funny.

Did you hear about this plea from Zara workers?, asks Krishnidoux.

She also came across this article from last year about a woman who found a dead mouse in the seam of her new Zara dress, which, Krishnidoux adds: “makes you wonder about the fabrication conditions of these clothes.”

Approprio and Laura (rhubarbgirl) report that TJX are doing their best to support their employees in stricken Puerto Rico.

Rachylou found this article about the beginning of fast fashion during the time of Napoleon fascinating.

L’Abeille wanted to share writer Rebecca Christopher’s take on the statement sleeve.

UmmLila thinks there’s lots of food for thought in this NY Times article about Modest Dressing, as a Virtue.

Fashion artist/designer Lauren Rossi, aka The Virtuous Courtesan, makes gorgeous Venetian-inspired period ballgowns (as well as a variety of other period costumes). La Belle Demimondaine encourages us to have a look at this video.