If you are looking for a weekender bag that is both functional and fun, then have a peek at this round-up.

Versatile good-quality backpacks can be hard to find. Racked shows us five brands that go the distance.

Here are 9 up-and-coming handbag brands that could very well become the new “It bags” on the block.

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According to this article, “athleisure is not just a trend, but a fundamental shift in how Americans dress.” Lisa confirms that she is seeing this where she lives more, and more often.

Shevia wanted to share this article about how plus-sized fashion can no longer be ignored. About time too, she says.

Sally is an excellent body image enthusiast and Angie thinks this is a great article

Fashiontern happened upon an ongoing discussion about sexist school shoes, and The Guardian reporting that a parent recently shamed Clarks for selling “flimsy” footwear for girls.

Two days later the newspaper announced that Clarks was withdrawing a school shoe called ‘Dolly Babe’ “although the equivalent boys’ shoe, ‘Leader’, is still available.”