We’re having a bit of a heatwave in Belgium at the moment, so I’ve been wearing my sunglasses daily. I wouldn’t mind a second pair though so that I can mix things up. If anyone else is looking for fun sunnies, here’s some extra inspiration:

Fab Links from Our Members

Street style is fun to watch, and vintage street style even more so, says Skylurker. Take a look at this photo snapped in Amsterdam in 1982.

La Belle Demimondaine’s obsession with the personal uniform concept is still going strong. But it never occurred to her that you could reverse-engineer the process: “The key question you’re asking is, What behavior do we want to produce and what impression do we want to portray?” Dr. Galinksy said. “You work backward from that into that uniform.”

JAileen thought this NYT’s article about the golfers wearing ‘millennial pink’ in the U.S. Open was interesting.

Classically Casual is semi-intrigued by Amazon’s new fashion shopping service for Prime members. She is curious if any of us purchase clothing from Amazon regularly?

Chris987 enjoyed this long read on How T.J. Maxx Is Bucking the Crisis in Retailing.

Aquamarine was very surprised to read that many T.J. Maxx items are not department store leftovers but rather clothes bought directly from manufacturers.

La Pedestrienne wants us to check out this gorgeous dress made by an Alaskan artist — out of salmon bones!

Minimalist lets us know that you can download free fashion books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Prabal Gurung revealed that his plus-size collaboration with Lane Bryant caused ‘snickering’ in the fashion world. Shevia says: “Hard to believe how difficult it is to cater to the majority of women.”

Silver reports that Google’s searchable fashion database is a veritable treasure trove that “puts three millennia of fashion at your fingertips.”

Aquamarine found this Guardian article about the absence of middle-aged models relevant because she’s become a little frustrated when searching for certain outfits on Pinterest featuring over 50 (even over 40!) models, bloggers, or women in general. She adds: “It makes me question if I should even be wearing a certain item when I can’t find anyone around my age wearing it (I’m 53).” 

Jenni NZ reports that there is one fifty-something model, Mercy Brewer, who is getting a lot of work in New Zealand, but she too still represents the “tall and slim” body type.

Cherylm found this article about How Millennials Killed J.Crew an interesting read.