Recently I’ve been enjoying the opinion pieces over at British website The Pool. These three in particular resonated with me:

Sali Hughes writes an open letter to British retailers about how hard it has become to find good-quality clothes for ‘grown-ups’ on the high street.

In this follow-up post, Stacey Duguids shares ideas on where to shop when you feel lost.

This third article discusses what happened when TV presenter Nadia Sawalha wore the same shirt eight days in a row.

Fab Links from Our Members

Joy liked Janice’s post over at the Vivienne Files on ways to improve your closet.

Lisa W enjoyed this long read about the casualization of clothing: “The author goes beyond being irritated with casual dressing and makes a connection to our care of others. I’m not sure I agree with him and am curious about what forum members think.”

After reading Angie’s post about dresses over pants and jeans, Lisa thought this article showed some nice ideas. The floral dress over the kick flares (#1) was her favourite.

Krishnidoux would like to share this video on how to style bell sleeves. She adds: “About five years ago the bell sleeves had a moment, and I had bought such a shirt, but donated it last year after seldom wearing it. I found the sleeves too impractical. But I regret it now! The style is pretty and fun to wear.”

Angie likes the way Sally suggests defining our fantastic bodies in a more enlightened way