I have been reading the Personal Essays section on the Racked website, and these three accounts of specific shopping challenges gave me much food for thought:

Alaina Leary, who was born with inherited congenital anosmia, tells us what it’s like to pick a perfume when you have no sense of smell.

With her atopic dermatitis (eczema), Olga Mecking has to avoid ruffles, lace, artificial fabrics, cinched tops, tight skirts etcetera, which can take a lot of the fun out of shopping.

Peneliope Richards describes how being in a wheelchair makes shopping for clothes so much harder than it should be.

Fab Links from Our Members

Lisa thought that Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress with all the lace detailing was very pretty.

Joy lets us know that Eileen Fisher is now recycling their clothes and selling them online in their ongoing commitment to “build a circular design system and create a future without waste.” Joy is looking for some specific items and plans to try this service. She also plans to send them some of her older items.

Angie wanted to share these excellent DIY clothing storage tips. Really clever!

Greyscale really liked this interview with Stacy London of What Not to Wear, and her Man Repeller makeover. She adds: “I appreciate reading about how her style has changed in this ‘no fashion rule goes unchallenged’ era.”