The Guardian investigates whether wearing “fun” clothes can help lift your mood in depressing times.

I was moved while reading Laura Turner’s personal experiences with “What Do We Do With the Clothing of Grief“.

I also enjoyed this Fashionista article about how six beauty editors are bringing diversity to newsstands:

“But if there’s any team at a publication that bears particular responsibility to show diverse representations of women — in Every. Single. Issue. — it’s the beauty department. Beauty editors are responsible for pulling foundations that come in shades for all skin tones, hair solutions for all textures and stories on identity from women who, for so long, have been underrepresented.”

Fab Links from Our Members

Lisa reports that BCBG Max Azria has filed for bankruptcy. “A shame”, she says, “because they were a go-to store for me when I needed a dress for a special event.”

Mac enjoyed reading about icon Jane Birkin at 70.

When gardenchick saw this obituary for fashion designer Emmanuelle Khanh, she thought of everyone here at YLF: “What beautiful, wearable clothes. She clearly had a great eye and was ahead of her time.”

kkards thought “The Future of Shopping is Discrimination” was a very interesting read.

This post from three years ago changed how Turmeric dresses.

Debbie Roes’ Recovering Shopaholic blog has been very important to Jenni NZ: “I found it about the same time as YLF in May 2016 and used her ideas to help me track wears etcetera to get a handle on what I was doing with my over-shopping.”

Jenni NZ also found this Cosmo article about “7 Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of Immediately” quite useful.

And last but not least, she would like to share her favourite Australian online shoestore.