Lucy Rycroft-Smith wore men’s clothes for a month and documented her findings diary-style.

Cara Barrett, the only female writer at Hodinkee, a go-to website for watch aficionados where the readership is 93% male, talks about breaking into the boys’ club of watches.

W Magazine rounds up four gender-neutral denim brands who are getting into the unisex game.

Fab Links from Our Members

It’s cold outside but Lisa has Spring on her mind so this review of the top 10 collections for Spring 2017 hit just the right spot.

A while ago, some YLF members were talking about unisex clothing. Texstyle came across this brief article listing some good options for menswear that women can easily wear. She also says: “What I’ve noticed personally is that much of the clothing I purchase for DH is of better quality than some of the items I buy from the same brand. So sometimes I do buy the men’s version of a tee, top or hoodie.”

Kathryn wanted to share this New York Times article about the impact of Michelle Obama’s fashion choices and the thoughtfulness behind them.

Gradfashionista found reading Garance Doré’s account of moving from New York City to Los Angeles really cathartic and reassuring, “considering that the style blogger and photographer was so well-positioned to benefit the most from the city (career, connections, income, etc.).”

As someone who has SOFT as an adjective to describe her aspiring style, Angie likes Sally’s suggestions for how to soften your look.

While reading a thread about careers in danger of being automated, modelling was mentioned, says Annagybe. As was the company Looklet, who provide dynamic fashion images for retailers. Annagybe adds: “But so much for seeing clothes on a real body.”