If you are interested in thrift store shopping, or are hoping to snap up a one-of-a-kind vintage find, then Vogue has 17 practical tips for you.

In this Smart Girl’s Guide to Shopping Vintage Like a Pro you’ll find suggestions like “forget what you know about sizes”, and “think outside the women’s section”.

This article explains why it’s hard to find plus-size vintage.

Here’s a guide to buying vintage denim online.

Racked lists Philadelphia’s top vintage and thrift stores, while Yahoo! Style rounds up the best vintage stores from coast to coast.

Fab Links from Our Members

Beth Ann enjoyed this video about the CEO of a Belgian bra company letting his male employees experience what it’s like to have large breasts.

LaBelle Demimondaine recently discovered Berlin vlogger and wardrobe minimalist Jenny Mustard. In this video she has “3 Weird Fashion Tips” that LaBelle thinks are pretty genius.

Rachylou wanted to share this retrospective with 26 moments that defined street style photography.

CocoLion directs us to this Washington Post article that goes into why sales are suffering at women’s stores, and the discussion that ensued on our forum. She also thought the related article about customers experiencing fashion fatigue was interesting.

CocoLion also came across a video with tips on how to take “outfit of the day” pictures.

Angie was delighted to see Sally wearing a fit-and-flare frock again — something that was signature for her style, and then it stopped as she shifted onto another path in her style journey. The chunky sandals and body art look fabulous with the tie-dye pattern. Breezy boho hard edge for Summer works well for her.