Whether you’re in the market for a bikini, a two-piece bathing suit or cover-up, the links below have something for everyone.

Fab Links from Our Members

Annagybe wanted to share this piece on Why New Yorkers Have Always Worn Black.

CocoLion reports that a school board in North Carolina proposes a ban on leggings and skinny jeans.

Angie recently came across Zuvaa, an online store that celebrates and sells African-inspired fashion from around the world. Angie likes the global integrity of this new-to-her site: “African fashion is usually very pattern-rich, ornate and bold. Fun to look at and wear.”

Texstyle thought these 31 hair charts were pretty fun to read.

With all the talk about eyebrows on the forum recently, she thought this fun quick tutorial by Kilee, one of our outfit bloggers, would be of interest.

Ledonna N. loves fashion and The Walking Dead, so she especially enjoyed this article about the series costume designer, Eulyn Womble.

Chris987 loves reading articles about the fashion houses, especially when they change CEOs, which is currently happening at Versace.

Vildy has done a lot of these kind of 5 questions analyses without getting very far. This one on Grechen’s Closet however, made her realize that vivid statement pieces are irreplaceable for her.

Hot on the heels of Nicola Thorp’s petition against mandating women to wear high heels to the office, comes this article about the end of the office dress code. Kookaburra says: “The world is changing indeed.”