Chilly temperatures and plenty of showers means we are still sporting Winter coats here in Belgium. I’m getting a little bored with mine, but after watching Bill Cunningham’s video on pink coats, I’m thinking a happy pastel or bright pink coat could be just the ticket for Spring.

The Guardian is on the same wavelength with their top 10 pink picks to say hello to Spring. I wouldn’t mind trying the J.Crew cashmere cable-knit sweater.

Are you also in the mood to add a little pink to your Spring looks? Here’s some outfit inspiration:

Fab Links from Our Members

There are a lot of colour theorists and stylists out there, but so far, Jen Thoden’s website has the easiest breakdown of the concept for La Belle Demimondaine.

Science, history, and fashion all come together in this article about masks, says Rachylou.

Laura (rhubarbgirl) recently came across the hilarious blog What To Wear When. From “What to Wear When You Are A Second-Tier Villainess From A Dark Matter Universe, Temporarily Disguised as a Japanese Substitute Teacher” to “What to Wear When You Are A Billionaire Playgirl Philanthropist Using Your Fortune to Fight Crime”, this tumblr has you covered.

A recent forum thread got Laurinda reminiscing about Banana Republic in the 1980s. She then found the site Abandoned Republic, where artist Scott C. Adams presents ’80s Banana Republic catalogues and associated artwork.

Laurinda also discovered that the J. Peterman Company took on the safari/outfitter market when Banana Republic moved away from that theme. Seeing the company name mentioned, reminded her of this Seinfeld episode in which Elaine meets J. Peterman.