During this first week of the new year, I’ve noticed that many media outlets are wondering how social responsibility and sustainability in fashion will evolve in 2016. Here are four interesting articles on the topic:

Fab Links from Our Members

Laura discovered Worn on TV, a website that shows what your favourite TV characters are wearing and where you can buy those exact same items yourself.

This caught Aquamarine’s eye after the holidays, when we could all use some “bendy jeans”.

Annagybe didn’t know that sometimes the “designer” clothes you are buying at outlet stores aren’t actually designer.

Beth has been enjoying The Directrice blog, written by an attorney in DC with a good eye for colour and a sense of whimsy.

JAileen was dismayed to hear that turtlenecks are not cool.

Suz thought this in-depth article about “ghost workers” helps explain who is making our clothing in the global economy, and why we should care. 

Joy came across these suggestions for the best sculpting moves for your bum shape.

Vildy was shocked to learn that a majority of returned items never make it back to retailers’ shelves with many of the purchases ending up in landfills.