Solid, dark-coloured socks may be the more practical option, but I’ve had a soft spot for patterned, colourful socks for as long as I can remember. After reading En Brogue’s Snazzy Socks Guide I’m eager to welcome them back into my wardrobe and even try to make them an integral part of my outfit once in a while.

This StyleCaster roundup offers more fun sock suggestions. I bet map lovers will like the NYC Mytropolis socks (slide 14).

Racked has some tips on how to wear socks with sandals this Winter.

Finally, searching for “snazzy socks” on Pinterest yields lots of results. Looking at all these happy socks made me smile.

Fab Links from Our Members

Beth Ann says that if she had a place to wear this light-up dress, she would definitely do so.

And if she had a dress form, one of these would be adorning her parlour.

Sally discusses the concept of “modesty”. Angie thought the arguments for and against using the word as an adjective to describe your style were fascinating, and the opinions in the comments section are worth a read too. It’s a heavy discussion, so consider yourself warned!

Annagybe found this BBC broadcast about the history of the T-shirt very interesting.

Lyn67 was surprised to see what happened when female graphic designers in 18 countries were given an image of a woman with the brief to Photoshop her into the ideal woman.

For 2016, Pantone has picked two colours of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Joy found Janice’s tips on how to use these pale colours helpful.