The holiday season is also the season of the artful window display. This year, Barneys New York, one of the stores known for going all out with their holiday windows, has created a 4-foot-high ice castle for one of its four Chillin’ Out-themed window installations.

Yahoo Style! spoke with Matthew Mazzucca, the Vice President of windows and exteriors at Barneys about the art of the perfect window display.

AnOther met with Faye McLeod, the creative mastermind behind Louis Vuitton’s window installations:

“‘I’ve always thought of windows as freeze frame theatre,’ says McLeod who gauges the success of her installations by the so called ‘smudge test’ — when you get nose and hand prints all over the glass and have to wipe them several times a day: ‘For me the most important aspect is the theatre of the street: it’s a front row seat.'”

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