Last week was denim week over at StyleCaster, and they had several good articles on all things denim:

Fab Links from Our Members

Laura (rhubarbgirl) would like to share this short video about Zara and their just-in-time design-production-distribution business model, including the fact that new designs come to all of their stores twice a week.

Kkards directs us to an interesting article on the line between athletic wear, gear, and everyday clothing.

Sally talks about how BMI indicators are best used as guidelines and not rules. Angie likes the set of articles Sally linked to at the end of her post.

Annagybe came across this New Yorker article that explains how H&M collaborations began and changed fashion.

Vildy enjoyed this in-depth interview with Vanessa Friedman. She likes the Chief Fashion Critic at The New York Times because she is a social critic:

“For me now, fashion is simply an incredibly useful way to talk about identity and politics and pop culture, possibly the most useful way because it changes all the time and reflects changes around it. My feeling now is that if people dismiss it, they’re not getting something.”