Did you know that freezing them can extend the life of your tights? Apparently this firms and strengthens the individual fibres, making tights less susceptible to runs later on.

If you want to get every last bit out of your mascara tube, all you have to do is soak the tube in hot water for a few minutes.

Yahoo! Style advises to thread necklaces through a straw to prevent tangles. Might come in handy while travelling.

I’m curious to hear if you have more practical fashion tips to share.

Fab Links from Our Members

Alaskagirl found this article on American consumerism eye-opening. It is making her rethink her needs, which she’d already been doing.

As an avid supporter of rust paired with navy, Angie loves the colour combination in this outfit. The ‘60s meets ‘70s flair of the look that’s stamped with a big dose of Modern is utterly charming. The double A-line effect of skirt and cape are genius. Retro Futurism for the win.

The Guardian recently published two articles on wearing black tights, which Joy found very interesting. This one discusses when it is socially acceptable to wear them. And here’s Lucy Mangan’s practical take on the issue. If you need tips on how to wear black tights with non-black clothing, this video might come in handy too.

Many articles about uniform dressing emphasize that it’s a way of dressing to make everything “easy”, to enable a person to concentrate on other things. This blog post had Astrid wondering if there isn’t another side to it.

Zendaya called out a magazine for heavily retouching a photo of her. Robin adds: “Will we ever be able to move past the idea that slender, with bumps and curves only in certain places, is the only way a body can look beautiful? Uniquely shaped buildings are admired for their originality; why not all bodies in their unique shapes and sizes?

MsMaven came across an article that appears to confirm that there is truth in the old adage, “you are only as old as you feel.”