In this WWD fashion flashback with great picture gallery full of retro photos, top designers reminisce about what they wore in high school.

I was intrigued by something photographer Ayla Hibri said about the pictures she took of the welders of Medeber, a metal market in the capital of Eritrea:

“What stood out for me is the DIY masks that everyone was wearing. Each [man] had his own unique mask created with their own hands based on their own need and sense of style. There was the square one, the rectangular one, the cardboard one, the coloured one, the plain one, the one that has built in goggles… She explains that many of the metal workers ‘go all out’ with their masks: “it seemed like an extension to their practice, as much of a tool to them as the equipment they use.”

Fab footwear and marvelous floor patterns come together on the Instagram account I Have This Thing With Floors.

Fab Links from Our Members

Marlene loves Melissa McCarthy’s comments about how creating categories like “plus-size fashion” is marginalizing people. Enough is enough.

HiggsMistress is intrigued by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, who lives in a 240-square-foot trailer and has only 4 pairs of shoes. She also enjoyed this post explaining more about Llamapolis, the community he built.

Robin really likes the honest discussion in this article about what’s working and what’s not working around the fashion industry’s inclusion of people with different and disabled bodies.

Sally shares how and why she tweaked the tattoo on her leg, which was inspired by stained glass panels. Angie likes the new black outlines, which to her eye work well with Sally’s refreshed wardrobe made up almost entirely of dark colours.

Vicki would like to share this story on womenswear label Co, who have teamed up with French jeans vet François Girbaud for a line of no-stretch raw denim. Here’s a closer look at the jacket mentioned in the article, and the pants are great, too!

Alecia is trying to live her values of quality over quantity and to reduce waste. With regards to fashion, this BBC article on what happens to your old clothes was more food for thought on that topic.

A list published in 2014 on what not to wear after 30 has recently caused a lot of reaction among style bloggers, which Peri thinks is fantastic, especially given the recent forum discussion of knees. Have a look at Judith of StyleCrone and Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb defying the list.