Photographer Justin Barbin dresses to the nines, and hopes that his kaleidoscopic and playful suit looks will “encourage others to feel more free and take more chances in what they want to wear.”

The Huffington Post shares tips and helpful visuals on how to pick a bright hair colour like pink, green or purple, without having it overpower you.

Not fashion-related per se, but after watching this video of a colour-blind man seeing vivid colours for the first time — thanks to Enchroma glasses — I’m savouring all the colour nuances surrounding us even more. (The video contains some swearing.)

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Angie loves how the light blue, lemon and lilac palette in this outfit complement Catherine’s bright red locks. Nice to see flats worn with a skirt too. Lovely soft, modern dressing.

“I absolutely believe that the way we look, which means the attention and care we invest in our well-being, changes our lives.” Joy enjoyed reading Tish’s musings on the concept of style and personal branding.

SarahTheWhite is impressed with Independence Day Clothing, a clothing line started by a Mum with an autistic son, that helps children and adults with a variety of practical and sensory-related issues.

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