Design Sponge is currently doing a three-part series on DIY nail art projects for those of us with shorter nails. Here are the first two instalments: cat nails and daisy nails.

According to StyleCaster the most popular nail colours tend to be nudes. That’s why they asked nail art expert Miss Pop to share some cool ways to wear nude nails this Summer.

I enjoyed reading the comments on Cup of Jo’s post about her go-to nail polish. Which is yours? After seeing this picture, I was inspired to go with an ink blue polish for my toenails, and I’m loving it.

Fab Links from Our Members

Diane G really likes how Catherine looks in this outfit which combines comfort, practicality and oodles of style.

Joy found two interesting articles in The New York Times about women shaving their faces.

There’s been some discussion on the forum about uniforms. But Annagybe says this interesting experiment shows us what really happens.

Laura (rhubarbgirl) directs us to news about Gap lay-offs and the planned closure of 26% of their US stores.

Maneera loves Kate Mara’s new pixie haircut.

This article on how living in New York affects one’s style resonates with L’Abeille, not at all an urbanite, because it speaks to how we can maintain a sense of style while making compromises to suit our lifestyle needs.

Preston Davis from Keep It Chic shares her shopping rules. HiggsMistress found the overlap with Angie’s shopping advice interesting.

Roxanna liked this post about budget-friendly go-tos over at Les Anti-Modernes.

She also loved this witty and insightful article about Marie Claire’s Chelsea Peng wearing a red carpet gown in real life for an entire week.

The Directrice talks about spending, splurging, and pricing hierarchies. This is always of interest to Olivegreen as she feels obligated not to strain the family budget, while satisfying her desire for novelty and some quality in her wardrobe.

Kookaburra found it refreshing to see a street style report from Japan that is more about how the general population dresses, not just a few young kids in Harajuku.

Dee would like to share this article on backlash from affluent consumers about the ubiquity of logos on high-end bags.

Laurinda refers us to a study of the effects of wearing heels on ankle strength and balance with a group of South Korean University women who are required to wear high heels as they prepare for careers as airline attendants.