I never stopped loving the dress (or longer tunic) over pants look, I especially like the more dressy renditions for myself. Ashley’s two fantastic outfits yesterday, really got me in the mood to wear this silhouette more often again. So I’ve rounded up some looks that might appeal to you too:

Fab Links from Our Members

Have you ever wondered why women’s clothing sizes are all over the place? HiggsMistress thinks Sarah Andersen of Sarah’s Scribbles nails it here.

Now that Fall weather is arriving LadyLilac has been playing more with her scarves. Scarves Net always gives her more ideas.

Citygirldc recommends Sylvia’s blog post on What Is Style.

Marlene owns a couple of pairs of on trend track pants, and found inspiration on how to wear them over at Kendi Everyday.

Angie liked Sally’s tips for Managing a Massive Closet Purge.

Shevia thought this Bill Cunningham clip spotlighting shirts seen at New York Fashion Week was wonderful.

Photographer Yassine El Mansouri launched a week-long video and photography project to ask what our wardrobes say about us as individuals… and about the clothes in the back of our closets.

With all the plaid love going on, Suz thinks we need to get our terminology straight.

Annagybe likes this analysis of Burberry Prorsum’s take on the denim jacket. She agrees it’s more J. Crew, but adds that she can now wear her fitted denim jacket again.

Vildy is interested in the connection between silhouette, status, and belonging, and liked this article in The Guardian stating that:”Silhouette defines fashion at its most primal level. You can use clothing to convey status in three different ways.”

Laura (rhubarb girl) found “Tracking Down San Francisco’s Top-Secret Denim Factory” was interesting in connection with the challenges of American manufacturing, and the growing trend of small brands that serve niche markets and may fund via Kickstarter.