With the photography series “Revolutions“, photographer Yvette Meltzer has turned laundry into art. About the pictures she took of clothes rising and falling in laundromat dryers, she says: “It wasn’t until I went to the computer to upload the photos that I saw the images that emerged in many of the dryer photos and I was mesmerized. Therein, I saw faces and forms of both people and animals.”

Refinery29 has an interesting article (with example photos) about The Zarafication of Fashion Photography.

Here’s a peek at some of the artworks on display in the “Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next” exhibition that is currently showing in Amsterdam.

Have you read this interesting New York Times article about how more and more people are hiring a professional photographer to shoot profile shots for their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts?

Fab Links from Our Members

Amiable just discovered the blog Unfancy, and really likes Caroline’s small, remixable capsules.

Banoff and Joy both enjoyed this Wall Street Journal article on Five Ways to Avoid Shopping Mistakes. Realizing that everyone makes these mistakes, made Joy feel better, and reinforces the thought that one should really love an item… or leave it for someone else. 

MsMary reports that Barbra Streisand built a shopping mall in her basement to store her awesome stuff. And then Jonathan Tolin wrote a hilarious play about it.

Annagybe is very taken with Rodebjer, a Swedish, new-to-her label that she learnt about over at The Man Repeller.

As some YLF forum members are currently on SYC (shop your closet) or participating in No-Buy July, La Belle Demimondaine thought this post on overestimating willpower was a timely read.

Vildy is fed up with carrying a purse as they seem to affect her posture, and crossbodies cause discomfort by pressing against her neck. So she is thinking about trying a hip fanny pack, and this pinboard provides great inspiration.

Real Simple has 20 Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Last. Joy liked hints such as wearing wool athletic socks to prevent foot odour in sneakers.

Angie enjoyed reading the story behind singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat’s song and powerful video about unfair beauty ideals.