All of a sudden my feed reader and email inbox are filled with articles and tips about lipstick, so I thought I’d share the most interesting ones with you today:

Fab Links from Our Members

Ummlila loved this interview with Kim France, founding editor of Lucky magazine, in which she discusses her ongoing interest in fashion for women in their forties and what it takes to succeed in the industry. 

MsMary recommends this profile of Nina McLemore — the most powerful designer you’ve never heard of: she dresses Hillary Clinton and other leaders. MsMary thinks the clothes are a little grandmotherly, but found the article fascinating.

Laurinda applauds Free The Girls, a non-profit initiative that helps women rescued from sex trafficking to earn income from selling donated bras.

“With a rucksack you’ve never arrived, and at any moment might decide to leave.” Vildy tremendously enjoyed this Guardian article about the reinvention of the backpack.

Angie had fun checking out the 7 dresses that have defined the last century, and enjoyed browsing these street style pics taken during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.

Angie also directs us to Sally’s post on closet organization for a large and varied wardrobe, which is helpful and spot on.

Geargirl found this video about how to use Google Image Search to match unmatchable clothing very helpful.

Neel thought that “10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Something Expensive” might come in handy for the many forum members trying to minimize their purchases to keep their wardrobes from overflowing.

In light of recent forum discussions about wardrobe building and investment pieces, Joy thought Une femme d’un certain âge’s post about Mastering the Basics might be interesting.

Annagybe had fun reading this analysis of couture shoes, and thinks Angie and many others will love the pointy toe white go-go boots.