While browsing the internet for Link Love each week I come across so many well-written and interesting articles, but of course, I can only use a few at a time. Some of the “leftovers”, however, are just too good not to share. So today I’d like to do exactly that. Here’s my selection of eleven “extras” that I’ve very much enjoyed reading.

Fab Links from Our Members

Janet reports that Barbell Denim is making jeans for athletic builds, and adds “As a runner, swimmer, cyclist, and the owner of a sturdy set of legs, the idea intrigues me, although I’m always skeptical about whether the style quotient will be there in these efforts.”

Fashion designer Emma Berg created a collection of one-of-a-kind prom dresses for a group of Minneapolis high school seniors who subsequently modelled the unique creations during a fashion show. Laurinda is especially impressed by her attitude and spirit: What she cares about is that the girls feel cool, confident and unique.

Angie liked the tips in Corporette’s post on how to wear heels when you’re used to wearing flats.

Imogen’s post on The Yin and Yang of Clothing helped Vildy to clarify how she wants to dress. Vildy decided she is “thoroughly yang in personality” and the post “enabled her to see why she can’t wear blended and muted prints even though she finds them visually appealing. She feels papered over in them, and they end up being purged.”