eBay and the CFDA recently commissioned five American designers to create unisex tech bracelets that double as USB chargers. The limited edition bracelets are now available on eBay.

Smart watches and other wearable tech gadgets may make it easier to stay connected while on the move, but there’s also the aesthetic side to consider. One question I see popping up reguarly is: Do you find the options that are currently out there stylish enough to incorporate into your daily outfits? 

I enjoyed reading these two quotes and articles on the subject:
The Genteel: “While design is ultimately key, for White, the key problem with the smart watch lies in how to market such a device. As he comments when speaking with The Genteel, ‘does this product live in an electronics category? Or does it become an important segment in every retail watch display?’ In order to answer White’s questions, we will have to wait and see how consumers react. Will they be picking up their smart watch from the nearby electronics store, the retail shop or perhaps not at all? “
The Business of Fashion: “But critically, when it comes to wearables, consumer adoption will also depend on the stylistic merits of these devices and how users who wear them are perceived by others. In other words, as well as being functional, they will have to have both aesthetic and social value.”

Fab Links from Our Members

LaCeleste enjoyed this NYTimes Article on the Demise of the Fashion Eccentric because it’s a look at true fashion eccentricity versus the current attention-seeking culture.

As someone who “has an embarrassing amount of Levi’s Bold Curve jeans because she’s afraid she’ll never find another pair that fits as well”, Milehighstyle(Linda) appreciated Alison’s post on the “FoMO Closet“. The next day Alison posted a follow-up article that clarifies the difference between buying multiples and veering into “Fear of Missing Out” territory.

A while ago we linked to Rachel’s informative blog post about how to get a flattering rearview fit in jeans. Laurinda recently came across an update that focusses on how to find great plus-sized denim.

Elle did a roundup of the 30 Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts. Angie is going with Jean Seberg, Hallie Berry, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Charlize Theron as her all time faves. She thinks that Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing with her new crop too.

Goldenpig loves how gutsy and funny Tarynn Brumfitt is, and urges us to check out the before and after photos in this article about “The Post-Pregnancy Truth That Nobody Talks About“.

The photos in this article about “Extreme Cream Fashion for Fall” grabbed Joy’s attention as this is one of her favourite colours. Joy also enjoyed seeing the combination of their varied shades of white, such as cloud cream and angora.

ClearlyClaire would like to share this pictorial on how 10 clothing items can be combined into 56 outfits (without shoes or accessory changes), and adds that it might look a little dated but the math still works.

As someone who bikes, Alecia finds the invisible Hövding helmet really cool. It does seem to align with the current trend for wearing scarves, so she wonders if it would have gotten as much traction if that wasn’t the case?