Over at The Genteel, Amanda Coen reports how several devout, young Orthodox Jews are offering personalised contemporary clothing that respects cultural traditions.

It turns out that the young rabbi mentioned in the article also happens to be an apprentice tailor at Savile Row’s Maurice Sedwell, who keeps a tumblr blog with menswear inspiration shots. Very dapper looks!

Photographer Sarah Shamsavari’s recent exhibit “London Veil” features a series of women wearing colourful hijabs tied in lots of different ways. With this project she wanted to “steer clear of the debate surrounding the hijab, and instead focus on her subjects’ individuality”.

Fab Links from Our Members

Deborah found this guest post on Already Pretty quite confronting, and added: “I am ashamed to say that I never considered that I am in fact privileged that I can dress the way I want, in public, and without fear”.

TraceyLiz had fun browsing these music festival looks throughout the years, starting with Woodstock.

White shirts and points. This photo of Audrey on her points absolutely blew Angie away.

Annagybe enjoyed the BBC article about Matthaeus Schwarz, a 16th century accountant who for forty years recorded in detail what he wore by commissioning watercolour paintings of himself. The original fashion blog perhaps?

“It’s tempting to dismiss fashion as mere fluff. Until, that is, we start to decode its many meanings and marvel at what it reveals.” Caro agrees wholeheartedly with this quote from a blog post on the woman in the red dress at the recent Istanbul protests.

Vildy recently read up on American designer Claire McCardell, creator of the “American look”, who introduced affordable and stylish sportswear looks. She also popularized flats for women, and, inspired by men’s clothing, used rivets.