E and M have been reviewing beauty products at Facegoop for a couple of years now… in their own inimitable, irreverent and hilarious way. Now they have been chosen to be part of The Guardian’s fashion bloggers network. Watch that space!

A recent poll carried out by online beauty retailer Feel Unique revealed that women spend £248 (about $383) per year replacing lost makeup items. Feel Unique sees a new business opportunity here: they are going to talk to insurance providers about creating a stand-alone makeup bag insurance policy for women. Would you be up for that?

This week The Telegraph reported that some leading manufacturers are misleading the public with their labelling, and that chemicals have been found in ‘organic’ beauty products. In a follow-up article beauty editor Katy Young writes about the real do’s and don’ts of shopping for green beauty.

Fab Links from Our Members

Although “Clothing Fit: Dealing with Weight Loss and Gain” was written with menswear in mind, Elle points out that it contains universal, useful tips on the subject.

Deborah picked up some great tips from Garance Doré’s blog post on “7 Ways To Look Better in Photos“.

This exercise over at My Year Without Clothes Shopping really helped Vildy hone her style, by approaching it indirectly. Working out the second part of the answer, the “why”, was especially useful.

Charmian enjoyed skimming Free2Work’s thorough report on various apparel brands’ attempts (or lack thereof) to address labour issues in their production lines.

Behold: the most beautifully packed suitcase in the world over at Park & Cube. Angie and I were both beyond impressed.

Bj1111 recommends this post on The Vivienne Files about buying for a fantasy life, while this quote on showing up really resonated with her too.

Last but not least Bj1111 also wanted to share L’age Moyen’s musings on “Women at their most subversive“. She could see Angie wearing the outfit in the first photo, by the way.