Harper’s Bazaar has a roundup of the best bridal fashion for Spring 2014. Or check out these white runway dresses if a classic wedding gown is not your cup of tea.

From yellow ballet flats to pink patent oxfords and bright red rainboots. Cup of Jo presents seven offbeat alternatives for the traditional wedding pump. Looking for more ideas? Tons of alternative wedding inspiration can be found on Kat Williams’ wedding blog Rock n Roll Bride.

And what will the husband-to-be wear? I loved reading how these four grooms chose their wedding suits!

Fab Links from Our Members

This New York Times article brings up the question whether fashion books and movies are just another marketing tool or if they are really art. Deb thinks it’s all about the money.

When she grows up Angie will be dressing just like this magnificent lady, who is sporting what has got to be one of the most beautiful bobs of all time.

H&M is getting applause for showing its beachwear collection on a plus-size model. Janet hopes that many retailers will follow suit, and wonders if customers wrote to express their approval of this tactic, it would encourage more of the same. What do you think?

Peri was very moved by the powerful and profound message in Lauren Slater’s article about how she used fashion and beauty to deal with her depression.

Charmian enjoyed Jess’ take on the recent garment factory collapse in Bangladesh and on how buying ethically is more nuanced than merely shunning sweatshops. For people wanting to read more about sweatshop labour, she recommends Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China by Leslie T. Chang.

Ironkurtin directs us to more background context on the subject: a very thoughtful overview of why the textile trade is prone to abuses (be sure to read the comments as well).