“My grandfather had just five jackets in his whole life, but those were holy jackets. So he looked after those jackets like sons.” I loved this quote from the J.Crew short film about the Vitale Barberis Canonico Mill, where fabrics for their Ludlow suit are produced. A sweet ode to suits, dressing up, and good-quality fabrics.

In Chanel’s latest digital film we hear Mademoiselle Coco explain the concept behind the timeless Chanel jacket: she wanted to “enable women to move with ease, and not change their attitude or manner, depending on their dress”. Quite a revolutionary idea in 1954!

Fab Links from Our Members

Marlene1 was intrigued by these ads from a 2006 Gap campaign over at Coffee Stained Cashmere. Would you wear these looks today?

For the creative types among us, how about making our own clothes, shoes and accessories out of food, asks Karie. I’ll take the German chocolate bubble dress, pretty please.

Kat at Corporette talks about how to look professional in flats. Angie thinks she nailed it and obviously, fully supports looking fabulous in flats!

If anyone still has doubts about whether or not it’s worthwhile to tailor a garment, Gaylene thinks the pictures in Sally’s post should provide the definite answer.

Annagybe points us to this article about Native American fashion that is truly authentic.

Missey is exploring colour theory to come up with new clothing combinations for her existing wardrobe, and is feeling inspired by the Pantone Spring 2013 colour guides from Brandi.

Last but not least, Vildy enjoyed this Guardian interview with Pedro Matos, the Darfur Sartorialist, in which he talks about his life as a street photographer in Darfur.