Fashnberry does a great job of compiling fashion editorials from around the world. I love this arty Vogue Korea magazine shoot that mixes traditional folk painting elements with modern clothing. And look at those headpieces.

The focus on blue denim paired with crisp white, the strong shoulders, the nod to the eighties, the baggy trousers and slouchy silhouettes… I was quite enchanted with these images for Vogue China as well.

For the 2013 Spring/Summer collection, French label Courrèges reprises a selection of the designer’s mod classics in a variety of colours and signature fabrics. It’s especially fun to see the styling similarities between the two different eras.

Fab Links from Our Members

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Deborah has been working her way through the archives of the Odyssey Home blog, and found it fascinating to watch how Stephanie has honed and streamlined her style. The comments, more so than the posts, give some insight into her process.

Angie thought that Sally’s tips on how to avoid hat head were spot on.

Celia found this post about how wearing a corset affects the way a dress drapes very informative.

“When it comes to pattern matching, the density variation is far more controlling than pattern type.” Vildy encountered these pattern mixing guidelines over at Tweed in the City.

Manidipa was intrigued to discover why exactly men stopped wearing high heels.

Do you sometimes avoid the camera because you are not liking what you see in the mirror? Beth Ann would like you to read these uplifting and very wise words of advice.

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