Elle Magazine has compiled a list of the fifty best boutiques in the US. In 50 States of Shopping they explain which brands to look out for and why each store is worth a squizz

On Shopkeepers ardent shoppers tell us a bit about themselves, list their favourite bricks-and-mortar stores and explain why they love to shop there. Of course the shopkeepers get a say too, each of their posts feature basic information about the store they work at and profiles on its customers and merchandise. A relaxing way to discover some new brands and shops to explore next.

From Swedish label Acne publishing a bi-annual magazine to high-street chain Cos who have been bringing out an in-house glossy since 2007, increasingly, labels are producing their own “brand literature” as a means of translating their vision and inspirations to their customers. Do you like to browse through store publications?

Fab Links from Our Members

On the YLF forum we talk a lot about tailoring items to achieve perfect fit, that’s why this discussion of alterations on Corporette caught Makrame’s attention. The comments include many recommendations for tailors in specific locations in the US and Canada… A wealth of information.

Angie says that nobody does leather like Salvatore Ferragamo. She highly recommends browsing the brand’s Spring 2013 Collection because there is artistic calm amidst the chaos of these crisp outfits.

Ann in New England recommends the Library Journal’s column Sartorial Splendor: Falling into Fashion, with reviews of six books in which fashion plays an integral role.

In Building a Remixable Wardrobe, Part 3 – The Importance of Colored Bottoms, blogger Audrey writes: “A collection of seven pieces will provide more remixing options if they include three tops and four bottoms rather than six tops and one bottom.”  Laurinda points out that this could come in handy while packing a minimal travel wardrobe.

Joy enjoyed Tina Gaudoin’s ramblings on the small stuff that you need for everyday sartorial satisfaction, especially the comments about bare faces. Turns out Tina also likes clutches, just like Angie!

With the weather about to change, Une femme d’un certain âge has compiled some smart suggestions on how to use scarves to fix all kinds of wardrobe ailments. Nice tip, Carole.