As much as I love fashion photography, I also have a huge soft spot for fashion illustration. From René Gruau‘s vibrant and bold illustrations for Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire to the whimsical and stunning work of people like Katie Rodgers, Kelly Smith and Danny Roberts, there are scores of talented artists who each have developed their own very recognizable style. From black and white drawings, minimalist sketches consisting of only a few angular pencil strokes to exquisitely elaborate paintings exploding with colour — I thoroughly enjoy them all for the brilliant works of art they are. But also because they add an extra dimension to my own creative style process.

For me both art forms spark the imagination in different ways. My brain seems to process the information on two separate levels, which helps me get more out of all the images I collect. I often pick up on other details depending if I’m looking at a picture or an outfit drawing: a certain colour nuance, the pleats in a skirt, textural accents, lines, shapes, proportions and silhouettes. So I like to rely on a mix of both to really get those creative juices flowing and to come up with a personal interpretation of the latest trends, or to put together my own outfits.

Do you have a clear preference for either fashion photography or fashion illustrations? And do you feel that drawings are just as helpful when you are in need of some outfit inspiration?

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Artist and fashion designer Lorraine Geiger became fascinated with the style trends that emerged during the second half of the twentieth century. To create a lasting testament to the creative and original individuals who started these trends, she decided to record them as they went about their daily lives during the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The result is this book, Fashion: Fads & Fantasies, with sketches of real people in their true mode of dress. The drawings are accompanied by essays about these decades of “fashion revolt” and come with the original captions that describe the outfits in context.

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