loves the way Julianne Moore is rocking her Summer hat. If you’re inspired to try the look yourself, they’ve pulled together a fun selection of straw fedoras.

Turbans are making a return this Summer. Can you see this look working outside red carpet events and off the runway?

Fun fact: As part of the London 2012 Festival, millinery stars like Philip Treacy have designed headgear for famous sculptures around the capital. After the four day event, the hats will be auctioned off for charity.

Fab Links from Our Members

This scarf tying tutorial is currently making the blog rounds. Claudia says it contains some techniques she hadn’t seen before, her favourites are the “Coiled Cobra” and “Sand Dune Drape”.

Mochi found a blog that documents everyday Boston Chic style. The site also has nice links to street fashion all over the world. 

For all our lovely crafty and hands-on fashionistas, Ornella recommends this tutorial on how to revive a tired leather handbag. There’s definitely a big difference between the before and after photos!

Angie is taking inspiration from the boys, and thinks it’s nice to see a man pop his collar the same way she does. This Winter she intends to be navy blue peacoat twins with this stylish bloke

Joy points us to an interesting article about rating the sustainability of various fabrics (subscription required) using a new tool. Apparently polypropylene is a much better choice than wool or cotton.

Knitwear designers blog Brooklyn Tweed shows the same design on two different body types, with a different amount of ease. For Vildy the penny dropped, and she now understands why she can’t end up looking like the straighter model in slouchy knits. 

Laurinda thought that bras were a relatively recent invention, but a find from an Austrian castle suggests that they are at least six hundred years old. Looks like they found a string bikini bottom too.

“Many women would put off completely or delay cosmetic surgery if they could find the correct fitting bra.” La Francaise was surprised by this startling claim, and says this article written by Michelle Broomes, a professional bra fitter, is a thought-provoking read.

This story about Olympic weight lifter Sarah Robles touched Nadya’s heart. Fashion editor Jenny Davis joined forces with Ming Wang to outfit Sarah with a travel wardrobe.

We sure are smitten with polka dots on YLF. If you want to take your polka dot love to the next level, Nancylee invites you to check out Marc Jacob’s new Dot perfume.