Vildy thought it was interesting that businesswomen in skirt suits are seen as more “flexible”, but not in a pushover sort of way. Women in skirts are seen as more confident and higher earning. 

MaryK enjoyed Kat’s post on the clothes that we buy over and over again

Dresslover recommends this gateway to all the shows and stories of London Fashion Week. Must-sees include Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Issa London, and Christopher Kane. I loved The Burberry Prorsum show. 

Butterflylady liked Imogen’s post on how to dress a short waist and long rise without using a belt.

Goldenpig, who is having a ball mixing patterns in her outfits, enjoyed these 8 Simple Rules For Pattern Mixing

Marianna finds the Anthroholic scandal both fascinating and sad. Read how an Anthropology enthusiast created a personal shopping service to scam trusting readers out of their money. 

Transcona Shannon liked Patti’s perspective on what it means to embrace our age

Annagybe is still debating whether Burberry’s Spring 2012 Collection was awesome or awful. I vote awesome all the way. 

Isabel liked seeing this daily travel wardrobe plan nicely laid out with great visuals for each separate day. 

Laurinda liked reading about the three components for an excellent pattern. A well timed read after New York Fashion Week, which suggests a very pattern-rich Spring and Summer 2012. 

Suz wants to nominate Steph, the dashing eccentric, because her musings on bending one style persona towards another, and whose suggestion to think about just ONE beloved outfit,  sparked her own recent style epiphany. 

Ironkurtin loves the blog stop it right now, and lifted one of her pics for her ID.

Aida had a nerd-fashion-moment when her hubby sent her a link to cute internet browsers. That’s what you call a Browserista! 

Inge is inspired by the colour comparisons of street style pictures, movie stills, runway outfits and polyvore sets presented next to artworks with similar silhouettes or colour palettes. Amazing colour candy. 

MNSara, who likes wearing tonal outfits, enjoyed Imogen’s take on how to coordinate colours