A few months ago we launched our first mobile application. At the time we said that an Android version was in progress and today we’re happy to deliver on that promise. Realtime Style Advice by YLF is available in the Android Market!

The app itself is very similar to the iPhone version. There are some small visual differences, but the feature set is identical. You can take a photo, compose your question and post it to the YLF forum where it will appear as a realtime request. Forum members will be able to reply to your question from the web or from the app. Questions posted from the app can include a “yay or nay” poll. For a little more information on the app itself, check out its page in the backstage area.

As with the iPhone app, the Android version is a collaboration between myself and Morgan Belford, with Morgan doing all the programming on the phone, and me doing the design and the server side programming. To put it simply, Morgan did most of the hard work.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, or if you experience any difficulty with the app. The fastest way to reach us is to send a message to our support (if you have a problem) or feedback (if you have suggestions or general feedback) email addresses. Other options are to use the contact form, to send me a private message, or to start a discussion in the forum.