I suffer from dry skin, especially around my nose, chin and cheek area. Winter’s harsh dry air and central heating left me feeling under-hydrated, no matter what I applied. I tried everything my esthetician suggested. I even tried good old Vaseline. I was this close to bathing in olive oil.

Then it dawned on me that my late Mum had the same problem and she used “Eight Hour Cream” from Australian cosmetic house Elizabeth Arden. I bought some and started applying it liberally to my nose, chin and cheeks twice a day with my moisturizer. Voila! The positive effect was noticeable almost immediately. I also apply the cream to my chapped lips because nothing else works.

Eight Hour Cream seems to sooth minor skin irritations and any part of your skin that is peeling and flaking. I have very sensitive skin and normally can’t put anything on my face, so I’m relieved to have found a gentle, effective and affordable solution. A tube costs $17 and lasts forever because a little goes along way. I can’t wait to tell my esthetician how clever my Mother was.

Eight Hour Cream

Dry cuticles, ashy elbows and knees, dry heels and scraped knuckles are all in a day’s work for Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. It’s fabulous.