You don’t absolutely need to own a swimsuit, bathing suit or “cozzie” (short for “swimming costume” where I come from). But if swimming with your children, boating or going on a beach holiday is on the agenda, you’ll need to have a few in your drawer. Few of us look forward to shopping for swimsuits – we are self critical and dissatisfied with the bodies that we have, no matter what other people say. Ladies – thinking like this is not going to help! Our bodies are what they are and we should celebrate them.

The best swimsuit for your body requires attention to detail. I intend to cover specific advice for different body types in a future posting, but for now, here are some general tips to consider:

  • All body shapes look good in a one piece swimsuit and a wrap – bikinis and tankinis can be far from perfect, but a well cut one piece will never let you down.
  • Beware of the tunic – pretty lightweight tunics to wear over bathing suits should not hit you at your widest part if you are pear shaped. Choose one that is at least mid thigh in length.
  • Make sure that tankini’s are snug– tankini tops tend to be wide at the hem which is unflattering. They look best when they fit snugly like a one piece but are actually two.
  • Fuller figures needn’t wear frumpy skirt suits – choose a low cut simple full piece with good bra support. Match it up with a dainty sarong and pretty thong sandals and you’ll look wonderful.
  • Black is not always best – it’s always more festive to wear colours on the beach! A black one piece with lots of coverage can look awfully matronly. However, if you insist that black is best, select a style that has dainty cut away detail or lots of metal trim.
  • Board shorts for Mums – wraps can untie when playing in the sand with children. Opt for board shorts that match your swimsuit and be hassle free.
  • String bikinis are not always best for small busted bodies – they can make you look less shapely than you are. Halter necks and bra tops are better alternatives and offer extra padding if desired.
  • Multiple suits – Lounging by the poolside and cannoning require different types of bathing suits. You’ll want to have a few swimsuits at your disposal for various occasions. 

You‘ll find the best assortment of swimsuits in stores in March and April. Be at peace with the body that you have. Remember: sex appeal is more about confidence and attitude than aesthetic perfection!


A Halter, a dainty One-piece and a colourful Strapless, all from Nordstrom


Plus Size Swimwear creates elegant options for the fuller figure. The suit above flattens and hides the tummy without a skirt. 


Perfect length Tunic, Tankini that fits at the waist, and dainty One-piece with cutaway detail from Macy’s