If you are a little strapped for cash, don’t have the time to shop, or just don’t fancy what the new trends have to offer. Whatever your dress size, think about getting a few, or all of these “quick fixes” that will automatically pop you appropriately into the new season: 

  • a pair of new shape jeans (granted they suit your body type)
  • a new bag and belt
  • hot off the press new look shoes 
  • the accessory of the moment
  • a new haircut, hair colour and makeup application

Invest in anything metallic and “animal” as far as accessories go as these trends are going to be around for at least another year. If you are a platinum and silver type of girl and still can’t get your head around all this gold that is everywhere – start yourself off slowly by adding bronze, or buying gold that’s matte and brushed…..that’s what I did! Don’t buy a little dog to have as a fashion accessory. Get a pet to complete you as a person, not your look. Our Rosie & Jasmine would be heartbroken if they thought that the only reason that we had them was because we thought they “looked fashionable”.