What a great post. It's good to hear you are enjoying your new fitness routine, and I'm inspired to hear how your style is evolving to reflect where your life and interests are now. You still look fab, even while giving zero flips about it. Ha ha!

Great to see you post. I enjoyed hearing about your new fitness goals. Love the pictures of your adorable family.

Goldenpig, I'm so glad to see you back here! Wow, what a journey you describe. When things are changing in our lives and in our hearts, fashion goes to the back burner and comfort becomes more important. Good for you for having started a fitness regimen that will make you stronger and feel better about yourself. You are doing it the right way too, doing things with your kids.

My favorite ones:

Outfit 1: the combination of the skirt with sandals is lovely! Also love the arm candy winking to the sandals' ankle straps.

Outfit 3: so sleek! So smart! Detail I love: the scarf

Outfit 4: Yes! Some badass-ness happening here! The only thing I'm not sold on: the white belt. It competes with the Converse and as a result, my eyes see them less, when the Converse should be an important aspect of this outfit IMO.

Outfit 5: Here you are! Hello! Welcome back. Beatiful! (OMG your open toe bootie).

It was great to see you again -think you always are a fab working mom(of 3!) no matter the style, space and time!

Hello Goldenpig
Nice to "meet" you. You have a great casual fun style with your ZFG When I was working and so busy I felt the same but was much less stylish in my ZFG. Luckily, or not, how I dressed/presented myself was not important to my career as long as what I wore was appropriate.
We all have different priorities at different times of life.

Congrats on making fitness a priority. It is difficult to do in a busy life.

BTW I have also struggled with depression and fear about the state of our country and our world. It's hard not to let it overwhelm you. Giving yourself some time in the day to focus on something that gives you pleasure, like biking or planning a just big enough creative wardrobe :), is helpful.

You have very cute kids BTW.