I wouldn't go up a size...they'd be baggy! I think Zara is styling them "runway" not real life...especially for work! You know, I look at myself from the side like that, too and am super critical. But you know what, no one else looks at you from the side or is going to scrutinize you. They'll just think, "wow, she looks fab!" And then they'll go back to thinking about themselves, lol!

Keep keep keep! This size looks great, front and side. If it is comfy, you have to keep them. They are so lovely. Turquoise goes with so much!

It's funny you mention the fit on model - I think the sandals they wear always seem to be a size too small; maybe the same is true for their pants?

The fit is fine from all angles but I’d wait until the larger size arrives to see which way you prefer it.
The color, on the other hand, is fabulous. If you afford both this and a navy pair, I say both. Usually it is easier to find a good pair of navy pants than a fabulous pair in a non-neutral. If it was me and I didn’t buy them I’d be wishing I had for years. But if I couldn’t afford both and needed the money for a navy work pair......sigh. I might figure out what to give up to cover the pants. But then they are one of my favorite colors. How much do you like them?
A try on session at home seems like a great idea.

Keep! Turquoise is one of your signature colours and you shouldn’t pass them up. There will always be navy trousers in the stores.
I think the fit looks great too.

Side image is divine. Those pants are yours!

I think a size up would be too big, now that I see the side view. Rip those tags off!

Definitely keep! I have a pair of pink pants (my wildcard color) that are still going strong 3 years later. They don’t get as many wears as workhorse navy blue, but since they go with everything in my wardrobe they are what I reach for on smart casual days, and for outside work wear. I think you’ll find they fill a hole you didn’t know you had!

Adding to the chorus of ‘keep’!
One consideration: you have mentioned that your weight fluctuates and you need various fits/sizes to accommodate that, what role would this fit play? Do you have a lot or a little for the days you need this fit? Might be worth considering when contemplating trying a bigger size. If this is a very average time for you then I would say these are a very good fit, astoundingly good, actually. With your knack of wearing bright colours i’m sure these would not languish in your closet:-)

Navy pants? I thought you wanted light neutrals for summer. These are of course not neutral, but they'd play so nicely with so many of the other colors in your closet that they could almost count as "neutral for you".

ps--the fit: I think these look great, but to really assess I'd want to see a side view where the pocket is attached--right where the tag is hanging.

I love them and think they look great on you!

Stunning! The look amazing! The colour is wonderful!

Where all have you looked for the navy pants? Banana Republic always has a few. https://bananarepublicfactory......&vid=

Esprit is pretty dependable too https://www.esprit.de/damenmod.....s-069EO1B0

I love these! The integrated belt is so flattering.
I think the fit is really good.

Fit looks good from the side too. Besides turquoise can be your navy for the summer. All your colors should go nicely with them.

I think they look fantastic on you, the waist belt is fun and the color is gorgeous. So KEEP I say!

Your collective enabling worked, LOL. I got them and will play with them in my closet this weekend. I have enough pants in bigger size, so decided not to order size bigger just yet. Will see how outfit creation goes. May post outfits in a new thread if you don’t mind.

Of course we don’t mind! Bring it on...

So glad you got them, I was going to add another 'heck yes' to the chorus ... they look fab from the side, the silhouette is flattering and the colour is beautiful. I can't recall your colour vs. neutral tolerance, but dare I say these could almost be a summer 'nearly neutral'? They would mix well with brights as well as neutrals. Looking forward to the outfit lab!

Glad they're working out in this size. Enjoy!

Angie - not yet sure if they are working out. Just brought them home to assess further, but haven’t cut the tags yet:) I am still considering ordering bigger size online if I have any doubts. Zara is one of the rare stores here that allows easy returns.

Stunning color. And the style and size looks great to me (as someone else said, better than the model).

I think they look absolutely gorgeous on you. The whole outfit is stunning. It doesn't look to me like you need to size up.

So glad you got them. Love love love the colour and fit for you. I have pant envy - my fave colour!