Uh, oh. I've started clicking away on Zara and have the grommety maryjane and the red boots in my shopping cart. Are these the shoes, Lisa? I'm a little worried that they are polyurethane and might be cheap and stiff and nasty, but if you love them, then I'm in . Yikes!

Now that I've totally hijacked Suz's thread ... The red boots seem comfortable for their height, though I have not worn them outside yet. I am still considering the maryjanes. I love all the straps and the metal, and they are leather. However when I tighten all the straps I am not sure I like how the overhang looks on the side of the shoe. And the leather is definitely not high end. I can post pix if anyone is interested.

Great finds. Will the slippers be warm enough for homewear? They look ideal for "party" wear.
Love the t-shirt.

I really admire how you have been able to re-envision your entire look. I love your hair where it is now with a bit more growth, but overall, the color and cut are a brilliant transition. The white and silver gray colors you have on (and your ability to intuit those changes) are terrific!

Column, thank you -- what a sweet thing to say. It's true that a new hair colour (and cut) can occasion a style renewal. I've gone through this once before when I dyed my hair red in my 30s -- I learned how different colours flattered me. So I've got a bit of experience, which helps.

Skylurker, the booties probably won't be warm enough for all-the-time wear (although they're surprisingly warm!) -- but I can wear socks inside them, or I'll wear them for parties and when I want to feel a bit more pulled together in the house than I do in my slippers. I will stlll have the cozy slippers for more casual days.

The evil pull of Zara...in my experience (both Lisas) -- Zara shoes are either horrible, or surprisingly good -- and you never know until you try them. For me, the fit is always better than on most N. American made shoes because I'm a real EU 37. The leather is often stiff, or the soles, but sometimes that's overbalanced by other factors and they manage to feel comfortable anyway.

Great find! Makes me think of a super hero boot, in a good way!

They are shivering, eating guacamole, in *unproportionate outfits* no less!
I don't think these sock booties could tick any more boxes, Suz.

I *love* those red Zara booties too.

OK, I think those booties are amazing.

And I got that metallic jacket Lisa posted while shopping with Angie and the ladies in Seattle. I am seriously craving cool weather so I can wear my new goodies. I have almost two months to wait though.

Janet, what is the jacket like? I am SOOOO tempted by it. Do you know that I have not had a bomber jacket yet? I feel like this could be my bomber entrée.

Smittie, I almost spit out my guacamole, I laughed so hard at your comment.

Aren't those red boots amazing? If only the heel were a bit shorter. I don't think I can do over 3 inches, honestly.

My alternative is these...but I like the dark red of the Zaras so much.

Very intrigued by the slipper booties.

Love the metallic loafer. Can they be worn normally as well?......I see a pic with the backs up. They are available at Rideau so will have to check them out. When did Zara add check store availability? Such a handy feature!

I'm not sure about the loafers, Marilyn, since i haven't seen them in person yet (did not order -- still considering -- the heel is a bit low for me). I don't know when they added store availability either, since I have no store where I live! It's all online, all the time for this girl!

Suz, the jacket is great. Substantial weight, a slight cool olive tone to it, and it feels like a more expensive piece than it actually is, IMHO. It got rave reviews from all the fabbers in attendance, including Angie. Anna would have bought it if her size had been available. In fact, I'm going to check out the Zara near me when I'm in the area to see if they have her size there.

I'd say its TTS, by the way. A medium fit me, albeit with very little room to spare in the hip (story of my life).

Thank you, Janet! I might order it to give it a try. Fun!!

I agree with Janet's review of the metallic bomber jacket. It looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is.

Lis - do you mind posting the maryjane photo? The ones I'm seeing on the Z website are not leather.

I like the sock booties. I just gotta say that your hair is looking truly fab.

Zara makes some great jackets! That embroidered bomber I got in the spring turned out to be a total workhorse and gets lots of compliments -- it's another one of those items that looks like a more expensive piece than it is.

What an awesome find! And a great color on you too. Yay!

Suz, I'm with you on liking my feet to be properly dressed at home. I love the bootEES! and also the mules. I seem to be drawn like a magnet to anything silver these days!

Love the "indoor" booties, and the fit at the ankle is perfect on you Suz.

Since winter get togethers among my friends are uber casual, I usually just tuck a pair of Birkenstocks to change into in my tote LOL.

I am really late to this slipper Bootee party but going to chime in and say I love when Suz said "I want to feel fab at home too". I love that statement and feel the same way. So I am off to buy slipper Bootees.

I totally missed this the first time round, but thanks to Suz's travel capsule post have just ordered the Zara tee... and am thinking I need to get the silver mules for my DD... she walks on the backs of her sneakers like this anyway, and drives me crazy. It would be funny to present her with some you're SUPPOSED to "wreck"