Hello! I swear these two topics are related. As I mentioned in Angie’s Zara thread, I hadn’t really shopped at Zara before. I was never impressed when waking in. I think I got a blanket scarf once? I liked the dress Angie got when I’d first seen it in Finds, and put in my first order. I need lightweight but covered clothes for going to Morocco in 9 days, and many of the dresses they have now seemed to fit the bill.

I was impressed! Three out of four items worked. See finds. The loser was a dress that is too drop waisted for me. I’ll take the blue and green one on my trip, as it’s very light, but I like the blue and white too. I needed a new shirt with a “coastal grandma” vibe to replace one that no longer fits well. I may take it on the trip too.

As for the trip, I am trying to rely on linen pieces or else athletic fabrications. It’s 11 nights including a trip into the desert for 4 nights - one night will be in a desert camp. The evening might get quite cool in the desert. I am thinking along these lines:

- 4 pants (3 linen, 1 Athleta pair that can dress up or down)
-3 short sleeve tees (athletic fabric - tempted to add one but shouldn’t)
- 1 long sleeve tee (athletic fabric, very light, layering at night)
-2? long sleeve button downs (for layering and sun coverage as well as to wear on their own)
-2 short sleeve shirts (dressier than tees - one is button down)
-1 dress
-1 jumpsuit
-Airism layering tank
-1 pullover hoodie sweater (to bring wear on plane if it’s cold and for desert night)
-1 cardigan - for dressing up at night when it’s cooler
-1 fleece jacket - desert
-hiking sneakers
-metallic sneakers
-metallic flat sandals
-misc - bathing suit, scarf, pajamas, sun hat

I probably have too many tops, but I did just reduce the numbers as I wrote this. I like options and won’t have to haul my luggage much. But I don’t want to overpack either. Most of these are extremely lightweight fabrics.

Three pairs of shoes are a must for my feet. The metallics give me dress up or down options at night, in different temps. The hiking sneakers are my most comfortable for day. 

Feedback is welcome. I will post my final list and a collection. And also probably add an outfit photo with the blue and write dress tomorrow - it will be hot and I’m going to the office.

ETA - added promised dress pic. I feel like I’m cheating and wearing a nightgown to the office. New silver Eccos - also seen in finds. I wanted to take the pressure off my beloved hold quilted ones, as I’m on my second pair and that style isn’t made anymore.

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