...with a little help from your friends, and, oh, did I love what sweet, funny Sveta said.

I think it's a well-thought-out last-minute packing decision, because you've lived in Europe and can expect unexpected weather and are now prepared for it. Your citron trench coat brings me a smile every time you wear it so I'm happy it's packed. Wishing you and Greg a wonderful time on your trip with family and friends.

Good thinking Angie. I have borrowed sweaters from my cousins when I was visiting England in July. I joked one trip to my aunt that the weather in England was the same in December as in was in July. Then the next trip they were having a heat wave and no air conditioning.

Yeah, they keep talking about a "heat wave" happening this weekend on the news. In my city, the forecast is for 64F at the warmest. Which is plenty warm if you're used to it being 50-something most of the time, but I know that for many Americans that's chilly!

IT IS GORGEOUS in the Netherlands today - we arrived safely and are having a grand time with my sweet Dad in Arnhem. 26 degrees. 31 degrees forecast for tomorrow. WOOOOHHOOOOOOO. Very sunny and warm. I LOVE IT.

Still glad I have my trench though.

Ah, glad to hear that you arrived safely, Angie, and have spent a lovely day with your father. He must be so happy to have you there. And I'm very glad you didn't need your trench Enjoy the lovely sunshine!