I have no suggestions as I just tend to avoid walking in the snow when it does snow. But with little ones I don't think that's going to be realistic much longer so I'm going to need some good boots!

I'm on my third winter with Sorel Tofino boots. This style has a smaller toe box and a sleeker look than some of the Sorels. They are also fairly light. They are my dog walking boots and keep me very warm and dry in cold, snowy Ontario Canada.


I have a friend who lives in Buffalo and she always recommends Bogs. She's a very active outdoor type and swears by them. They come in fun prints and colours as well as neutrals. They are also available in various heights and come with temperature ratings. Some are rated to -40 C.


Sorels! I have an old hand-me-down pair going strong @ my cabin in the cascades.

I see a million good suggestions - adding this one because not sure anyone mentioned them - UGG Brooks. They are leather outside and sheepskin inside. Mine are 8 years old and still look as good as they did in year one - I just keep replacing the sheepskin liner!

Of course, BOGS! I was going to suggest those as well, but forgot. I fell in love with them for the girls, then ended up with a pair myself. Ugly and clumpy, but they can't be beat for ease of putting on, and are esp good for places with wet, slushly snow. I tend to wear them in short spurts... taking garbage out, shovelling, going to the ski hill, that sort of thing.

Both of my daughters have spent long winters in Wisconsin (and one still lives there) and they swear by Sorels. Therefore, the Joan of Arctics are good enough for me!